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Step 8. do not click the button below
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People love surprises!
Keep 'em guessing!
Even though Google says page speed will be a ranking factor, they are probably lying.
Many new Audiology websites are scoring 50/100 or below on Google's pagespeed insights. Some as low as 15.
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Step 5. Bury your reviews on a "testimonials" page, where almost no one will see them
Step 7. do not use any photos or videos of yourself or the office
Step 6. make your website really slow
Step 4. absolutely no white space
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Hear Today. Hear Tomorrow.
Step 3. say something generic
or this guy
or this guy
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Audiology Website
In 8 easy steps
How to make an Audiology website**
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Step 1. USE AN ear logo with sine wave
Step 2. Use a photo of this guy